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"How come no one
has shown me this information so clearly before?"

Marketing Executive at Health Care Company.

Would you agree that rapid escalation of cost for certain keywords is out of control?

Ultra competitive bidding on important keywords is the number one reason "cost per click" is out of control making your job harder. With prices climbing rapidly, it's a race to the bottom not necessarily with a better conversion rate.

We can expose and analyze competitors PPC Strategy.

But if you knew what they were up to, you could adjust your strategy. Working with a powerful new SEM/SEO Analytics application, we can expose and analyze your competitors,

• AdWords/PPC Spend

• Click-Through-Rate

• Keyword Strategy

• Bidding Strategy

• PLUS, analyze your brand vs multiple competitors

If this is a blind spot for your brand, it might be the edge you need. See what you've been missing from your competitive analysis.

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We'll create an analysis on one competitor vs your brand to show you the power of the information and see what you've been missing.


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