Bring leadership, focus, and engagement to your franchise brand marketing challenges.
St. Jacques is a new breed of integrated marketing strategy, media, technology and engagement company with an intense focus on solving complex, deep rooted franchise brand challenges in national, regional and scaling local consumer marketing.
The St. Jacques brand of marketing leadership helps guide brands through the opportunities and challenges in their next stages of growth. See why.

The critical first step in the St. Jacques insight based strategic process is designed to deliver real-time data to make key positioning and strategy decisions you can rely on.
Reliable data drives fearless decision-making. Understanding the emotional and pragmatic drivers of any audience is critical to defensible positioning.

Authentic positioning is what’s ownable for any brand. Positioning fights commoditization and galvanizes the corporate and franchisee base around a common mission.

The marketing strategy is the mission plan. We can help scale strategy to the regional and local level and engage with franchisees to get the plan executed and the results they are looking for.

St. Jacques is a complete, integrated team of marketing professionals that exist to solve complex brand challenges ready to augment your already capable team. See the St. Jacques org chart to understand all we bring.

With proprietary marketing technology platforms developed to meet the needs of St. Jacques’ clients, technology and scale becomes much less of a headache.


We’ve built an exceptionally capable team all accountable for quantifiable results. It’s the St. Jacques mission to bring clarity and leadership to the fractured marketing landscape. Here’s what you’ll find all in-house here at St. Jacques.

For more than 20 years St. Jacques has been delivering marketing leadership.
St. Jacques is a company built around an insight-based strategic process that delivers an integrated approach to franchise brand marketing. With unique, pragmatic strengths, St. Jacques is focused on solving complex marketing challenges for franchised brands and the inherent challenges of scaling marketing processes across many independently owned and operated business units.

Clients rely on us and seek us out for the leadership we provide. Understanding the franchisor/franchisee construct and they challenges and opportunities they present goes a long way to developing strategies that will be adopted system wide. The St. Jacques team is comprised of highly skilled marketing, media and creative professionals that all understand the franchise organizational construct and can add additional knowledge, expertise and capacity to franchise marketing organizations. We develop marketing and media strategies at the brand level and have the capability and the will to engage daily with franchisees to help them implement those strategies in their markets.
Michael St. Jacques, CEO

“We had to build an agency that’s never existed before, because we’re solving problems that have never been solved before. It’s a really exciting time at St. Jacques.”

As CEO of St. Jacques Marketing, Michael has been the center of gravity for St. Jacques’ leadership, franchise positioning and excellence. Setting the vision for St. Jacques’ growth trajectory and positioning around franchise brand excellence early on, St. Jacques has evolved to be the sought after franchise brand marketing agency in the country with the depth of understanding of franchise brand growth challenges, and the operational team to accomplish breakthrough results. He set the vision for leadership and accountability that goes beyond typical agency/brand relationships into a fully vested and integrated team that takes ownership of brand challenges.

Michael’s strategic brilliance has led brands such as Supercuts, Jack in the Box, CENTURY 21, 7-Eleven, TITLE Boxing Clubs, Elements Massage and many others to new levels of success and continually develop strategies that are accountable for results.
Philip St. Jacques, President, CFE

“St. Jacques has a culture where everyone feels a sense of ownership and is fulfilled professionally. We put no limits on growth and have yet to reach what’s even possible here.”

Philip and Michael started St. Jacques Marketing together in 1991, identifying a gap and limit to services that agencies typically provide and their surface level understanding of the construct of franchise brands and how that impacted franchise brand growth. Recognizing that creative was just the end to a business solution, Philip and Michael started to develop the insight based strategic process that is the hallmark of St. Jacques Marketing’s success today. Understanding that quality research and analysis delivers insights that leads to distinct positioning is the cornerstone of marketing success.

Philip is the front facing, thought leader for St. Jacques Marketing and is sought after for many speaking opportunities. Marketing is a fractured and complex process and one of the most complex processes to scale across franchise systems. As social, mobile and digital channels evolve and mature, how do brands provide leadership and how do franchisees embrace new strategies. These challenges are top of mind for franchise brands large and small.

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