Strategic Digital Marketing Firm and Ad Agency in Morristown, NJ

More than 25 years ago, St. Jacques began as a vision for a brand of marketing leadership and POV that continues to through this day. The marketing and advertising industry is and always has been about change, and to embrace, adapt, evolve, and thrive as market, social, and technological forces rewrite the rules, the St. Jacques philosophy of marketing leadership has helped stay true to our clients and the results we are able to produce.

Started by twin brothers, Michael and Philip St. Jacques, St. Jacques takes a leadership position on any digital marketing strategy, developing the insights that underly a sound strategic plan. Brands look to St. Jacques for clarity on direction and to answer questions that have been unanswered about next level growth.

As authorized partners with some of the world's most capable marketing technology providers, St. Jacques has clear vision of marketing technology's role in the implementation and successful outcomes that deliver a standard of excellence.


Structured to build efficiency with a full strategic team, all roles at St. Jacques are integrated to support our process and create visibility and accountability across disciplines. Lead by our account team, every phase has insight to the entire marketing eco-system and the bearing it has on the process and outcome.